Most Influential Essay You’ve Ever Read?

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I’m trying to be helpful and listing some influential essays and links to them. 🙂

Inspired by Patrick Oshaughnessy’s tweet. What is the most influential essay you’ve ever read?

Patrick Oshaughnessy’s Recommended Essays:

Brent Beshore’s Recommended Essays:

Alex Danco’s Recommended Essays:

Post Market’s Recommended Essays:

Ryan Reeves’ Recommended Essays:

Jason Zweig’s Recommended Essays:

Tren Griffin’s Recommended Essays:

Erik Torenberg’s Recommended Essays:

Zim’s Recommended Essays:

Rishi Gosalia’s Recommended Essays:

  • The Power of the Marginal by Paul Graham
  • Haters by Paul Graham
  • Life is Short by Paul Graham
  • Galilean Relativity by Peter Kaufman
  • The Master Key Level by Peter Kaufman
  • Contrast by Peter Kaufman (Can’t find links for any of these)

Miscellaneous Recommended Essays:

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  1. manish

    Appreciate the work put in for this resource.. Have saved it as my favourite go to on weekends, to pick up a few essays / memos / articles and just read.. Read the one by Joan Didion on Self Respect, and I loved it .. Thanks for having it here..

    1. Kalani

      Thanks Manish ! Really appreciate your positive feedback 😀

  2. Pieter

    This is awesome. Thanks a lot!

    1. Kalani

      Thanks Pieter! Happy to help 🙂

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