Who am I and What the Hell am I Doing?

Welcome to my first post on the blog! This will also be my introduction to my blog and giving you some background on who I am and why I’m choosing to do this.


So, to tell you a bit about who I am, my names Kalani, I’m 23 and was born and raised in Australia. I’m currently finishing up my masters at University and am just starting my Bachelor of Science majoring in Computer Science. My general aim for my day to day life is to make Lil Improvements, consistently, day after day.

I don’t really enjoy doing things half-heartedly so I have decided to go all in on this blog and put myself out there in the process of doing so. I maybe be a bit insane and delusional towards my goals, but I think anything worth doing is worth doing well!


This blog is me documenting my attempts to make little improvements, general musings on topics and other miscellaneous learning adventures.

I want this blog to document what I find interesting and learn from. Selfishly I want to also improve my writing skills in the process. I also want to create beneficial and interesting content to readers. Whether that’ll be detailed deep dives into topics, or even writing on more education type content. Overall, I want you to read something here and be able to go away with something useful or implementable in your own lives, or at the very least give you something to deeply think about.


Because I’m funny, interesting and thoughtful? But seriously, I’m hoping that by diving and delving into topics, I’ll able to show and create some high-quality information & tips. Hopefully these will not only be interesting to read, but applicable to your own life too.


Follow me on Twitter? Or just a message of encouragement is nice. If you need to tell me something. want to help or want to just chat, please see the Contact page! Your message is greatly appreciated on this often lonely journey.


Comment section below is open and questions or queries are encouraged. If not you can reach out on social media either on Twitter or Instagram.

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