Best Business Writer Relatively Undiscovered?

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I’m trying to be helpful and listing some business writers recommended by others, who people think are relatively active yet obscure, and link to them. 🙂

Inspired by Patrick Oshaughnessy’s tweet. Who is the best business or investing writer that is 1) actively writing and 2) remains relatively undiscovered?

Resources are listed alphabetically. Link is under the persons’ name if the website is self-titled. There’s a lot of overlap between categories but I’ve tried to sort where possible.

Format of list is:

Person (@TwitterHandle) – Website | Topics tags e.g Tech

VC and Startups

Business and Investing

Tech, Products & Platforms


Bonus round! Have some recommendations from Erik Torenberg’s tweet. (Some double-ups in here)

Last Updated: 27th July, 2020

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