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I post weekly on the topic (usually) of investing. Whilst I have a value and micro-cap bias, I aim to write content that’s applicable across a range of styles.


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My interests lie mainly (but not totally) in investing. So those topics are the ones I’m aiming to deliver.
I want you to be able to read my posts 2, 5, 10 years down the line and they will still be applicable. I won’t be writing “What happened in Oil today?” as it would probably be pointless a week later.

So aiming for some timeless writing and thoughts on investing.

And apologies in advance, my writing is not on par with Buffett, Marks and the like. But that’s the whole point of my site. Everyone starts somewhere and this is my place to learn and improve.

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Who am I?

I’m Kalani 🙂 I’m 24 and from Western Australia. I’m currently finishing up a Masters in Finance, having previously completed my Bachelor of Commerce Majoring in Accounting with a minor in Mandarin. I’ve previously worked (albeit only a little) in funds management, and am currently looking for my next role. If you can help? Get in touch.

Why investing? It suits my curiosity. I find it intellectually stimulating yet also intellectually honest. There’s a certain humility to it that I love. It feels like one big game with high stakes at play.
And to find a job that fulfils those needs? A dream.

Why this Site?

I want to improve my writing basically. And this avenue was the best for it I think. I love researching and reading. So writing and sharing was naturally next in the process.

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