This is my now page. Basically a list of what I’m up to.

For information about who I am and what my site is, see my about page.


Back to pre-COVID working hours as a casual lifeguard. I love my job.
I wouldn’t classify writing as a job, but it is work! I love writing and working on this site, so hopefully I can turn this into a full-time gig sometime down the track.


This is what I’ve read recently as I can kind of churn through books and it’s too annoying to update every time. But here’s the best of the recent ones. 🙂

I’m also on Goodreads if you want to connect on there.


Finished my Master of Finance! Weird way to finish my studies online. And not an ideal overall situation to graduate into. But does make things interesting!

Still figuring out where to from here, but doing a lot of reading, writing, creating BizCards, and building lists. 🙂

Also, learning Indonesian through Duolingo.


I write a fortnightly newsletter on business breakdowns and investment thoughts on Substack. Most posts go live on the blog a day or two before so I can double-check everything before committing to emailing you. I don’t want to pollute your inbox.

Bonus: I’ve started a Substack for my BizCards! I send 2-3 BizCards each Sunday with corresponding links and sources.

Also, you’re already here but I write on this site too (duh). Usually, around one or two posts per week go up, depending on work & life commitments.


  • Golf (17.5 handicap, I play bad golf and enjoy it)
  • Waiting for CyberPunk 2077 -.-

Short Term Projects / Goals

Current Drafts:

  • Life of Li Lu
  • Finding Investment Ideas
  • Is a Masters of Finance worth it?
  • Best Pitch decks

Long Term Projects / Goals

Updated: November 8th, 2020