Ok, this is a very rough work-in-progress! So bear with me here whilst new resources are added.

The following links are my favourite links across the internet. All are sorted into general topics such as finance, behavioural, Tech etc. From there sorted down further into Videos and Articles. Everything recommended has been personally read and watched by myself, so there’s been no filling up the list for the sake of it.

Then its podcasts. Both favourite episodes and shows. Then newsletters, then booklists.

Before I give my recommendations, here’s some link lists I’ve built based on others 👇 



  • Charlie Munger – Psychology of Human Misjudgement: I’ve downloaded this into an mp3 so I can listen to it on my phone when needed. Cliche but I feel every time I listen to it I learn something new from it.




  • Ray Dalio – How The Economic Machine Works: The best economics 101 class I received, in only 30 minutes too! Especially if you’re new to economics, I highly recommend this to get your head around the basics of how the economy works.
  • Aswath Damodaran – Valuation (Playlist) – The GOAT. Professor of Finance at the Stern School of Business at NYU, where he teaches corporate finance and equity valuation. So he knows what he’s talking about. Uploads tonnes of courses onto his YouTube channel and goes in-depth on his blog Musings on Markets.
  • Martin Shrkeli – Introduction to Finance and Investing (playlist). Yes, yes the pharma bro. If you separate the art from the artist, it’s pretty decent. I learnt a lot from it. From mad excel skills and financial modelling to his insights on Pharma and Biotech. Plus I’d rather learn from him than some geezer talking at 10 words per minute. May be better sources (link me if you find em), but few as entertaining.




For everything that doesn’t fit anywhere else.



  • Kinetic Energy Ventures Compilations (12mv2) – Kevin G. has put a tremendous amount of work in compiling some of the best work and information from some of the best people out there. Incredible resource. One of my favourite reading resources.


First I’ll give some of my favourite podcast episodes. Then below some of my favourite shows. Apologies if any of these are repeated from my categories.




Interesting newsletters (often weekly) from interesting people or places.


Recommended books from people much smarter than I.