Best Investing Subreddits on Reddit

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New to Reddit and wanting to find a community of investors? I gotchu.

I’ll list the size of the community, my short opinion, and my approval or not. Enjoy!


Over 75,000 users.

In my opinion, the crème de la crème. The Quarterly Letter megathreads are an amazing resource. Reading the letters from top fund managers gives a good snapshot and insight into their thoughts and feelings on the market and investing.

Focus is on thoughtful investing and (obviously) security analysis.
Some very good links are shared. And I’ve found users extremely helpful.



Over 360,000 users.

Corporate finance and news. I’d say it’s mostly financial news. But probably my second favourite subreddit on this list besides /r/SecurityAnalysis. 

It’s pretty detailed and in-depth, so good for keeping up with what’s going on.



Over 700,000 users.

Best for those interested in indexed investing. Mostly a sub about people who want to become Financially Independent (FI). But those people often speak in-depth about their investments, portfolio allocations and the like. So can be a good spot for some vanilla investing informtation.



Over 1.1 million users.

Top tier quality memes. They may be a bit strange, but at least they’re enjoying themselves. Most of the time anyway. 

Honestly, if you can to separate the shit-talking from the actual advice, I rate WSB a lot higher than /r/Investing. There are some good nuggets. And at least some good memes.

Enter at own risk.


Over 240,000 users

Probably the only place on Reddit you can talk about options, so love it or hate it, it’s the place to be.



Over 90,000 subscribers.

Similar to /r/options, probably the only community of its kind on Reddit.



Over 1 million users.

A case of the biggest not necessarily being the best. Being the largest subreddit means it is easily the most active. But means it also has the most noise. Being so broadly named it’s usually the first stop for fresh investors so there tends to be a lot of repeated beginner questions.



Over 600,000 subscribers.

Similar to /r/investing. So depends if you want another similar sub on your list. I don’t particularly rate it.



Over 44,000 subscribers.

For 44k subs, it’s pretty dead. Last post was two days ago at time of writing.



Over 400,000 subscribers.

Same same to /r/investing, but different. Probably just better off sticking with the main investing subreddit. If that’s the sort of content you’re looking for, you may as well go for the more active community.



Over 250,000 users

A subreddit for the app. Seems to be a question subreddit for those new to the app mostly. I never use it. Might be useful in a pinch but not a subreddit I’d recommend subscribing to for useful and interesting content.



Over 42,000 users but pretty dead. 

Seems like a lot of self promo and YouTube links.




Over 46,000 subscribers and active.


14,000 subscribers but decently active.


Not necessarily investing 100% of the time. A lot of personal finance thrown in. But no real other places for investing Australians on Reddit.


/r/ASX_Bets is the Aussie version of (you guessed it) /r/WallStreetBets. I post there fairly often and I like it enough. Not many people on their high horse like you find sometimes with other subs. ASX_Bets users can be pretty helpful and knowledgeable in my experience.