This page is about this website. It’s goals and what it’s all about. For information about me (the creator) and who I am, see my About Me page.


This site is me documenting my attempts to make little improvements, general musings on topics and other miscellaneous learning adventures. 

I aim to post weekly about my musings, thoughts, research and observations. Topics included (but not limited to): Investing, Sport, Tech, Self-Improvement and more.


I want this blog to document what I find interesting and learn from. Selfishly I want to also improve my writing skills in the process. And hopefully, find an interesting job in the process.

I also want to create beneficial and interesting content for readers. Whether that’ll be detailed deep dives into topics, or even writing on more education type content. Overall I want you to read something here and be able to go away with something useful or implementable in your own lives, or at the very least give you something to think deeply about.


Because I’m funny, interesting and thoughtful? But seriously, I’m hoping that by diving and delving into topics, I’ll able to show and create some high-quality information & tips. Hopefully, that will not only be interesting to read but applicable to your own life too.


Gwern put it best on his site:

I have read blogs for many years and most blog posts are the triumph of the hare over the tortoise. They are meant to be read by a few people on a weekday in 2004 and never again, and are quickly abandoned—and perhaps as Assange says, not a moment too soon. (But isn’t that sad? Isn’t it a terrible ROI for one’s time?)

I don’t want my posts to spark and fizzle out. I try (but not always) to post content that won’t age (horribly at least). It won’t expire like milk.

I don’t want fireworks. I want log fires. I want to get enough to get it up and running and provide usefulness, and then come back to it and add logs as needed. (Does this make sense or have I lost the plot?)

Even then, when I do post something, I want to go back to it and update it. A post is never truly finished. It is a work in progress.


This blog is my attempt to learn in public. It’s a place where I can experiment with my writing, highlight what I’m reading and summarize what I’m learning. It won’t be perfect. In fact, it’ll be far from perfect. Whilst I’d love everything I put out to be of exceptional quality, it’s just not the aim. If I were 100% happy with what I posted, there would be barely any posts here! I’m hoping as I can look back here, I’ll be able to see my growth as not only a writer but as a human too. Not just a collection of posts, but a steady stream of new and interesting thoughts.


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