2020 Annual Review & 2021 Preview

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One year of the website! And what a year to get started. For me, probably a year of experimentation in terms of writing and creating online. And a bit of a rollercoaster in all facets of life. It is what it is!

2020 Annual Review

– Readers 

Can you guess what happened in July?

So yeah. This year was wild. I was pretty happy with my slow growth. Then in July Patrick O’Shaugnessy shared this tweet:

That tweet honestly just blew me up. It was insane. Who knows where I’d be if it wasn’t for that.

– Content –

Went through a few different iterations. Tried original writeups, compilations, BizCards and a couple guides.

In terms of online work, I think I’ve found an enjoyable balance between a weekly newsletter, a couple of BizCards a week, and doing Twitter compilations as they arise. So for me, 2021 will be focused on improving those.

– Travel –

Ahhhhh travel abroad was non-existent. Did go down south to Dunsborough a fair few times. So I’ve been lucky in that regard.

– Work –

Found a job that I love! Working part-time as a lifeguard, which gives me ample time to play golf and write online. And sure, I won’t ever be the richest bloke going around. But damn I live a bloody good life.

2020 Goals Reviewed


  • ✔️ 52 posts (one a week)
  • ✔️ Average 600 Pageviews a Month


  • ✔️ 100 Newsletter Subscribers – 200+ on both my BizCards and personal substack. 2021 will focus on Curated by Kalani though.
  • ✔️ At least 40% Open Rate


  • ✔️ 500 Twitter Followers
  • ✔️ 1 Million Impressions on Twitter


  • ✔️ Get an income
  • ✔️ Read 26 Books
  • ✔️ Reach 100kg – back down to ~95 now
  • ❌ Single-digit handicap

If I’m honest, I probabaly didn’t set lofty enough goals. So I’ve gone the opposite and set some pretty ambitious goals for 2021.

2021 Goals


  • 52 posts (one a week)
  • Average 7,500 Pageviews a Month


  • 10,000 Newsletter Subscribers
  • At least 50% Open Rate


  • 30,000 Twitter Followers


  • Consistent reading habit
  • Single-digit handicap
  • Shoot a round under 80

at 2,700 now, so lets 10x it!

I think last years goals were a bit too safe. So this year I’m setting some BHAG’s! (Big, Hairy, Audacious, Goals)

1. Grow the Newsletter

This will be my #1 priority. High quality, consistent, and compress to impress. I want people to be excited to open my email each Wednesday.

2020 was a bit of a experitmental year and learning what I like/don’t like and what I’m good/not good at.

Curated by Kalani is a comfortable spot where I can do original writing and add some personality, yet share all the cool and interesting stuff I’m finding and compressing.

Aiming for 10,000 subscribers is a mammoth task, but you never know!

2. Read More Consistently

Overall in 2020 I think I read enough, but it did trail off towards the end of the year. I go through purple patches where I’ll read like a mad man, but then go weeks without touching a book.

3. Develop a Writing Schedule

I’m a very go-with-the-flow writer. I prefer first thing in the mornings, but often I have a golf tee time early so that isn’t possible. I need to start setting aside blocks of time to write.

Favourite Quote this year?

Absorb what is useful, discard what is useless, and add what is specifically your own

– Bruce Lee

Favourite Song?

Curveballs – The Wombats

Favourite Memory?

Getting engaged 🙂

Grateful For?

The friendships and people I’ve met online this year. Working in public has honestly been the coolest and most rewarding thing ever. And it’s the people you meet along the way that make it so worth it.

In 2021 I want to be?

Building on 2020. Enjoying myself. Travelling abroad hopefully.


That pretty much wraps up my annual review and 2021 preview!

My DM’s are always open on Twitter if you ever want to chat.

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