Kalani Scarrott

Hi, I'm Kalani

Welcome to my corner of the internet. I write a weekly newsletter, compile Twitter threads of interesting links, and host a weekly podcast called Compounding Curiosity.

Every Wednesday, I send out a newsletter curating, compiling, and expanding on resources related to the many facets of intelligent investing.
Focusing on deconstructing mental models, identifying business strategies, and showcasing the frameworks of recurring success.

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What’s this Website?

My home on the internet. Where I can share all my work and useful resources. My aim is to provide high-quality information and resources without taking up too much of your time.

For more detailed information about who I am and what this site is aiming to achieve, see my About page; for what I’m currently doing, see my Now page; for previous issues of my weekly email, see my Substack page.

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